Retaining Members:
Retaining members is easier and cheaper than finding new ones.  Where can you start?

  • Contact via email/newsletter pre-season
  • Promote first training & sign on
  • Follow up on anyone who hasn’t renewed their membership**
  • Sample Retention letter email
  • Provide quality coaches and offer development for promising players
  • Foster a positive team culture
  • Promote club values & keeping rugby ’safe, fair and inclusive’
  • Promote your club social events
  • Update all your social media sites with accurate club information & dates
  • Facebook, website, twitter etc
  • Recognise & reward your players throughout the year
  • Ensure coaches, managers & administration staff get to know players (not just on field)

Recruitment Opportunities:
Recruitment is the responsibility of all club members.  Make sure that everyone is promoting the recruitment message.  What message do you want to get out there? “XX Rugby Club is a social, family friendly & competitive club”? Who is going to lead the recruitment drive at your club?

  • Friends of Players
  • Parents of Juniors
  • Sign on day
  • Advertise & Signage
  • Involve local media (see club coordinator for submitting media release) & Sponsors
  • Sample Media Release Recruitment
  • Fundraise & recruit volunteers
  • Letter box drop
  • Up-date media – facebook, website,twitter
  • Follow up on all leads
  • Collect details of leads including phone & email

Click here for a basic Retention & Recruitment Plan Sample Player Recruitment Plan

Documentation & Resources

All documentation & Resources can be found > HERE

Safe, Fair & Inclusive

Please note if you are using the ARU provided website, these sites will automatically update, however if manage your own site you will need to add these.

  • Code of Conduct
  • Expectations of Behaviour Guidelines
  • Member Protection Policy
  • Concussion Guidelines
  • Serious Injury Report Protocol
  • Laws of the Game CLICK HERE

Additional Sites

The ARU provides clubs with access to administer their own free website.
For more information visit RUGBY.COM.AU

Play by the Rules

Good Sports





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